Linedance week in Alanya Turkey, Sep 2022

Linedance Week in Galeri Resort Alanya, Turkey / 25th Sep to 2nd Oct, 2022 with Niels B. Poulsen, Shane McKeever and José M. Belloque Vane For a few years already I enjoy very nice dance videos with very famous choreographers in a place I did not know. The first dance that I remember very well is „Italiano“. In the video you see Rachael, Niels Poulsen and Shane McKeever, who was not so well known to me at that time, showing a snappy dance with a lot of fun, on a tiny, very long stage in front of a bright white dance floor with dancers in very summery outfits. Then I saw Gary in this setting. And again I wondered, where this event was taking place and who was organizing it. I had a great desire to participate. Somehow or other I found out that the event takes place in the Galeri Resort in Alanya Turkey. My question to the hotel, who is the organizer, was not answered. As luck would have it, but when I think about it, it was no coincidence at all that Kathrin Seiband was able to answer my question in the beginning of 2022. She really […]